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Echelon Fitness Launches Fully-Licensed Music Offering for Fitness Classes via MediaNet’s Enterprise Platform

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | November 23, 2020 7:15 am | No Comments

Echelon Fitness, the company redefining home fitness, has launched a fully-licensed music offering with MediaNet, the world’s most advanced music distribution and rights management platform. MediaNet will provide Echelon a single point of service for music catalog and rights management using the expansive MediaNet Enterprise platform.

Echelon Fitness Connect exercise bike
Echelon will now license and deliver music directly to users for its wide range of live and on-demand fitness classes in the United States, with MediaNet providing all catalog and rights management services.

Echelon has experienced tremendous growth since 2019, expanding nearly 600% through their combination of cutting-edge technology, approachable fitness routines, and wide-ranging home fitness products. 

Echelon Fitness’ suite of connected fitness products, including a rower, indoor bikes, touch-screen fitness mirrors, and commercial products, are revolutionizing the way people get fit. Music is a key driver of user motivation and workout efficiency, and Echelon’s relationship with MediaNet unlocks fully-licensed tracks from the top labels and publishers to propel users during a workout.

“MediaNet is passionate about the fitness space, and Echelon is a market leader in connected fitness experiences,” said MediaNet Vice President of Operations, Jeff Wallace. “By transitioning its music functionalities to MediaNet’s Enterprise platform, Echelon is unlocking the potential for expanded music content implementations and gaining world-class rights management capabilities. We expect this relationship to be great for Echelon users and great for the musicians, songwriters, and performers who provide the music on their platform.”

MediaNet, the only digital music platform that provides music content and rights management under one roof, will provide licensing, catalog, and rights management services for Echelon through its powerfully customizable MediaNet Enterprise product integration, which allows music applications to access a rich catalog of over 85 million new and classic tracks of all genres.

Through MediaNet’s Enterprise platform, Echelon Fitness can provide a richer user experience around music, exercise enhanced licensing control, and leverage the best core metadata in the music business for accurate, timely royalty payments.

“Music is such a massive part of our member experience and having the ability to quickly and easily curate custom playlists for our over 1200 live classes per week is critical to our success story,” said Echelon CTO, John Santo. “That’s why we decided to work with with MediaNet. Among other things, MediaNet’s single point of service and intelligent identification tools keep us moving in the right direction – and with confidence.”

To learn more about Echelon Fitness or to purchase one of their industry-leading connected fitness products, visit

MediaNet Announces Music Catalog Partnership with ACX Music for “UFC Ultimate Sound”

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | November 10, 2020 9:55 am | No Comments

The company is providing the streaming music catalog, and associated catalog services, for ACX Music’s UFC-branded streaming service.

MediaNet, the world’s most advanced music distribution and rights management platform, has launched a partnership with ACX Music, the beat behind brands, to provide music catalog services and licensing support for UFC Ultimate Sound, a new music and media streaming app designed specifically for UFC fans around the world.

UFC Ultimate Sound is the first-ever music and media streaming application which focuses on mixes inspired by UFC athletes and influencers. Users can discover UFC athlete playlists and experience how they use music to take their training to the next level. Fans can even follow their favorite UFC athlete or personality and enjoy their individual musical tastes.

MediaNet will provide these catalog-related services to ACX Music through its turn-key MN Open product, which allows music applications to access a rich catalog of over 50 million new and classic tracks for internet radio and downloads applications.

“MediaNet is excited to partner with ACX Music and UFC for Ultimate Sound,” said MediaNet Vice President of Operations, Jeff Wallace. “The strength of UFC’s brand and its global position in media make Ultimate Sound the perfect destination for music users of all kinds. The unique musical content, mixes, playlists, and features on the platform demonstrate the vision of ACX and UFC to create a new kind of music experience. We are thrilled they have chosen MN Open for their core music catalog needs.”

MediaNet’s MN Open webcasting product integration accelerates time to market while maintaining cost efficiency for internet radio services like Ultimate Sound. Featuring a large catalog, rapid content fulfillment, normalized metadata, DMCA compliance API, and SoundExchange-ready reporting, MN Open provides partners like ACX Music the most robust non-interactive streaming back-end system available in the market today.

“It’s all about bridging a gap between fans and their favorite sport. With UFC Ultimate Sound, we can finally connect fans, athletes and personalities on a new level. Music brings people together and we’ve given them a place to meet. Every mix is inspired by UFC and curated by music professionals. Working closely together with UFC, we feel UFC Ultimate Sound is the first step in a new direction for both the music industry and professional sports,” said Svein Sorgard, ACX Music CEO.

UFC is the world’s premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization and the largest Pay-Per-View event provider in the world. UFC Ultimate Sound brings this world-class sports brand directly to the music industry and fans of music.

“UFC is always at the forefront when it comes to fan engagement,” UFC Senior Vice President of Consumer Products Tracey Bleczinski said. “We are proud to be the first brand in the world to offer fans the opportunity to connect with UFC and its athletes in a way never seen before. Music is an important part of our DNA, and we’re excited about the potential of this streaming service.”

UFC Ultimate Sound is available today in the App Store and Google Play in the United States. To access images & logos, visit

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