Apple Music Becomes the 2nd Largest Digital Music Service, and Last Week’s Top News

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Story of the Week

Apple Music, YouTube Red Mark a Momentous Week for Digital Music
The week of October 19 is the week digital music met its future. Long dominated by early entrants and standalone companies, the music subscription market was rocked by the world’s two largest technology companies, Apple and Google.

Monday’s news that Apple Music has 6.5 million subscribers and Wednesday’s unveiling of YouTube Red, the company’s upcoming subscription service, are two hugely important steps in helping, or properly enticing, consumers to make the transition from buying music to streaming for free to paying a monthly fee to access — but not own outright — a large collection of audio tracks and videos. If the jump from cassettes to CDs crossed over a hurdle, going from downloads to paid streaming requires scaling a 10-foot wall.

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Top News Stories

Pandora Stock Falls 36% Friday As Investors Lose Faith – Investors reacted poorly to another bad earnings report and slowing listener growth amidst increased competition. The company reported a third quarter loss of $85 million or 40 cents a share. Read More

Pandora Appeals BMI Rate Court Ruling – Pandora has filed an appeal to the rate court determination handed down by Judge Stanton earlier this year, in which he ruled that Pandora should pay the performance rights organization (PRO) 2.5 percent of its revenue. Read More

Jay Z Wins Copyright Trial Over Egyptian ‘Big Pimpin’ Sample – In court Wednesday, judge Christina Snyder found the nephew of Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi did not have standing to pursue the claim Jay Z and producer Tim “Timbaland” Mosley illicitly sampled his uncle’s song “Khosara Khosara” in the iconic hook of “Big Pimpin’.” Read More

Publishers Said to Be Missing As Much as 25 Percent of Streaming Royalties – Spotify’s U.S. service pulled down thousands of songs from Victory Records’ catalog. The dispute between Spotify and Audiam/Victory came when Audiam identified 53 million streams from Another Victory which Spotify hadn’t made any payments on. Read More

eMusic Acquired By Foundational Cloud Music Company TriPlay – eMusic, one of the Internet’s first digital music stores, has been sold to cloud media startup TriPlay. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but in a statement TriPlay maintains that eMusic’s employees and executives will be retained in the companies’ integration. Read More

Google Refuses to Block the Pirate Bay on ‘Free Speech Principles’ – According to a recent open letter submitted by Google to Daniel H. Marti, United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. Read More

TomorrowWorld Botches Ticket Refunds, SFX Recharges Thousands Of Fan Credit Cards – TomorrowWorld had announced the details of a ticket refund and offered a public apology for the circumstances that left thousands of festival-goers stranded and led to the partial cancellation of the final day of the event. Read More

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By Glen Sears

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