BBC Planning Its Own Music Streaming Service, and the Week in Review

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Story of the Week

The BBC says it is planning to launch a ‘New Music Discovery Service’, which would make the 50,000 tracks broadcast by the BBC every month available to stream for a limited period. This digital platform will go one better than the ‘BBC Playlister’ initiative launched in 2013, which allowed listeners and viewers to transfer playlists of radio DJs’ shows to Spotify and other services.

This time, the BBC will directly compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple for the attention of music fans – with a fully-fledged online music streaming service, owned and hosted by the Beeb. “We must evolve our music offering so that it serves new audience needs and habits and allows us to remain a strong partner and contributor to the UK creative sector.”

There is no set timeline for launch, although it’s certainly more than just an idea, with the BBC revealing that it has already developed a digital music proposal with the music industry.

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Other Important Headlines

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By Glen Sears

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