FAQ: What Is a Notice of Intent (NOI)?

Publishers take many forms. Large companies, small mom-and-pop shops, or even artists themselves. The thing that remains the same is what a publisher does: ensure songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. Throughout the course of being a publisher, you will almost certainly receive at least one Notice of Intent to acquire a “compulsory mechanical… Continue reading FAQ: What Is a Notice of Intent (NOI)?

FAQ: When Will My Performing Rights Organization Pay Me?

Performing rights organizations, or PROs, are societies responsible for collecting income on behalf of songwriters and music publishers when a song is publicly broadcast. This includes live covers, radio plays, television plays, internet radio services like Pandora, streaming services like Spotify, restaurants or bars, nightclubs, and any other public performance. All these users pay the… Continue reading FAQ: When Will My Performing Rights Organization Pay Me?

FAQ: 5 U.S. Digital Music Use Types & the Licenses You Need

There you are, on the cusp of planning or building your digital music service. Maybe you’re creating an online radio station. Maybe something as simple as covering a song and posting the video online. Whatever your project, if it contains copyrighted music you need a license. Probably more than one. It’s critical that everyone gets paid each time the play button is pressed.