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MediaNet Announces Advanced Media Distribution Network

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | September 16, 2009 5:49 pm | No Comments

New York, NY, September 17, 2009 – MediaNet is taking the next steps in the premium content business by announcing today an all new media distribution network. The MN Open platform offers high quality content for websites of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands.

MediaNet is delivering easy to install Web Components and an API through the Company’s advanced technology platform, MN Open. Currently MediaNet is offering premium music and music video content, with digital books and video games soon to follow suit.

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet, stated: “MediaNet is delivering the next generation of premium entertainment content services. Our purpose is to reduce friction and create convenience for the consumer. Essentially we have become a “Content Concierge” that presents the appropriate content to an online user when they are predisposed to consuming it.”

Customers can now sign up for the MN Open Web Components and API for free at and have a premium content offering with fully customizable features up and running on their website in no time.

MediaNet’s suite of Web Components is easy to install and incorporate into a website with no coding required. Customers copy and paste the code snippets anywhere on their page with their branding front and center. Available in three main categories: contextual matching; commerce and discovery, Web Components features include:

• Media Matcher: Automatically matches MediaNet’s catalog against existing web content
• Media Links: Hyperlinks references to artists, albums and songs within existing content on page
• Relevant Media Search: Integrates into site’s existing search and returns media results alongside regular search results
• Media Explorer: Dynamically displays music-related information with purchasable media
• Media Charts: Charts top selling content to entice music discovery, sampling and purchases
• Media Purchase: Fulfills purchases through an automatically configured and setup component which appears in its dedicated, secure window

With the MN Open API, customers have complete control over the user experience, functionality, e-commerce and a 7 million song and music video catalog with all services delivered under their brand. The API features include:

• Integration into any website or application
• Advanced catalog search capabilities with fuzzy matching
• Access to a portion of or the entire catalog and customize pricing
• Rich metadata for every song, album, and artist
• Use of MediaNet’s e-commerce engine or integration with the customer’s existing e-commerce
• Compatibility with any programming language
• Ability to select and incorporate the features that are just right for a customer’s end users and business model
• REST-based HTTP service

Since introducing these products over the last eight weeks, MediaNet has signed up 25 new customers from social media destinations, kiosk providers and radio stations to musician sites, music blogs and news organizations. For a partial list of customers, go to

Hadi Partovi, President, iLike, commented: “MediaNet’s technology made it easy for iLike to roll out an MP3 store in record time. iLike’s in-page MP3 purchase functionality helps keep iLike’s user base on the site, engaged in the discovery and sampling of music, while making the purchasing process easy.”

David Hyman, founder and CEO, MOG, added: “MediaNet has all of the right components we need to launch a streaming music service. A comprehensive catalog, superior back-end technology and the right pricing made it easy for MOG to select MediaNet as our music service provider. The integration process has been excellent and we are very excited about delivering new features for music lovers to interact and engage with MOG.”

Frank Murray, President of Intertech Media remarked: “With more than 1,000 radio station websites under management, Intertech Media is constantly looking for new ways to add value and revenue for our clients. MediaNet’s API and Web Components allow us to advance our mission of providing tools to keep listeners engaged online for longer periods of time with music content that is exciting and relevant. With MediaNet’s advanced platform, we have solved the problem for our clients to stop sending their users outbound to third party sites for music purchasing while creating a more seamless and integrated listening environment.”

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MediaNet’s world-class technology platform, MN Open, offers an API and easy to use Web Components that deliver a set of powerful premium content products including streams, downloads, search, contextual matching and other media discovery tools to engage end users while keeping them on your website or application longer to maximize revenues. MediaNet powers media delivery for brands of all sizes including iLike, Zune, HMV, Tesco, MOG, Ultimate Guitar, Intertech Media and many more.

MediaNet is privately-held and is headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle.

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