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MediaNet Digital Music Catalog Now Offers Over 45M Tracks

Posted by Glen Sears | September 22, 2015 9:00 am | No Comments

MediaNet Catalog Reached 45 Million Tracks and Songs

Today MediaNet is thrilled to announce that our digital music catalog has surpassed 45 million tracks! Our global music catalog includes content provided by major labels, independent labels, aggregators, and distributors, ensuring your customers can always find the content they crave.

“It is amazing the volume of catalog growth and amazing that it shows no signs of slowing down,” says MediaNet CEO Frank Johnson. “This growth makes the work of matching songs to owners, writers, and publishers even more urgent to ensure everyone is paid for every play.”

Each week MediaNet’s Content Operations Team ingests over 150,000 new tracks into our catalog. These tracks are licensed for download and streaming by major record labels, as well as over 80,000 independent record labels and publishers. MediaNet then provides developers access to high-quality audio files—in 11 formats up to 320kbps —with rights secured across multiple international territories. MediaNet content is delivered through our partner services, websites, and apps to a global network of users and music fans.

MediaNet partners include Beats Music, CÜR Music, Pulselocker, Songza, iMesh, Univision, and many more of the worlds best-loved music apps.

MediaNet features the only catalog which internally matches sound recordings directly to rights holders, ensuring maximum accuracy and industry-leading reporting. Want to talk about how MediaNet can power your music service? Let’s chat!

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