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MediaNet Digital Music Catalog Tops 40 Million Tracks

Posted by Glen Sears | May 18, 2015 1:09 pm | No Comments

MediaNet Catalog Passes 40 Million Tracks

Today MediaNet, the world’s premiere B2B digital music service provider, is pleased to announce that our digital music catalog has surpassed 40 million tracks. MediaNet’s global catalog includes content provided by major and independent record labels, aggregators and distributors and is delivered to a global network of music service providers.

“Surpassing 40 million tracks in our catalog is a significant milestone for MediaNet and demonstrates our historic commitment to facilitating exceptional digital music experiences,” said MediaNet CEO, Frank Johnson.

“MediaNet’s unparalleled comprehensive digital music distribution platform — which supports downloads, streaming and non-interactive radio as well as copyright administration, reporting and payments — is the result of careful management of each of the 40+ million tracks we host, while making certain that every play is accounted for.”

Each week MediaNet ingests over 100,000 new tracks licensed for downloading and streaming from major record labels, as well as from over 80,000 independent record labels. MediaNet provides high quality files, up to 320kbps, with rights secured across multiple international territories for partners including Beats Music, Songza, Target, Univision and others.

“From our very first days of creating digital assets from physical content, managing the growth of our catalog from less than one million tracks when we launched our first consumer service in 2001, to the rapid expansion we see today has been a rewarding challenge,” MediaNet CTO Jeff Wallace explains. “Our strength has been our ability to adapt and innovate the technologies necessary for growing and maintaining a 40 million track catalog while accurately reporting each and every stream and download.”

In addition to catalog fulfillment services, MediaNet offers complete copyright administration and reporting for content owners and digital services covering more than 3.6 million rights holders including artists and labels, composers and publishers, PROs and collection societies worldwide.

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About MediaNet
Launched in 2001 as one of the first legal digital music distribution platforms, MediaNet ( maintains the world’s largest B2B rights-managed global catalog of more than 40 million tracks matched to over 3.6 million rights holders including composers, publishers, administrators, PROs, collection societies, performers, labels, distributors and more.

MediaNet offers the only commercially available service and platform which hosts, manages, distributes, reports and administers the rights for a global catalog of sound recordings for powering digital music experiences, including streaming music apps, subscription services and download stores. Through its MN Open API, MediaNet provides seamless access and delivery of its multi-territory catalog and rights administration services, which support many popular digital music services around the world such as Beats Music, Songza, Target and Univision.

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