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MediaNet Music Fulfillment Now Powers Freeform Development Apps

Posted by Glen Sears | June 18, 2015 1:55 pm | No Comments

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Today MediaNet, the world’s premier B2B digital music service and royalty administrator, is proud to announce that our Content Fulfillment system has been employed to power Freeform’s family of new music apps.

Founded by former Google Play Head of Global Content Programming Tim Quirk, Freeform creates emergent music apps that “reimagine the digital listening experience, creating entire worlds for fans to discover.” Freeform’s platform and vision for the future of the album was recently featured in Fast Company’s Tech Forecast.

“Freeform is building a platform that will let artists quickly and easily build mobile apps to distribute their work, and emulate the wildly profitable playbook of free-to-play mobile games. Freeform artist apps make musicians money by giving fans the free music they want, then making it fun and easy to buy more. Artists choose whether or not to use our platform, they choose what music to distribute through it, and they set their own prices.

For MP3 delivery, we knew we needed a Partner that artists, labels, and publishers trust with their content. MediaNet helps us ensure the fans get their music reliably, while content owners get paid promptly and accurately.” – Tim Quirk

MediaNet’s 40 million track Content Fulfillment system is being used to distribute downloads, report licensing, and pay royalties on songs purchased via Freeform apps. MediaNet provides these songs in high-quality file formats, up to 320kbps, with rights secured across multiple international territories.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Tim and the Freeform Team. Tim has been at the forefront of digital music, and a long-time thought leader. His advocacy ensures actual music is not lost in all the discussion of technology, instead bringing artists and their music closer to fans.

MediaNet’s deep musical catalog and industry-leading reporting solutions ensure that when artists sell rich, customizable digital albums on the Freeform platform, the fan experience is seamless. All music owners are paid accurately and correctly for every play.” – MediaNet CEO Frank Johnson

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Launched in 2001 as one of the first legal digital music distribution platforms, MediaNet ( maintains the world’s largest B2B rights-managed global catalog of more than 40 million tracks, matched to over 3.6 million rights holders including composers, publishers, administrators, PROs, collection societies, performers, labels, and distributors.

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